You can tell whoever is selling this incredible home in Tyler, Texas has some fun hobbies and truly enjoys life. I began scrolling through photos of this amazing home and quickly started noticing items inside the home belonging to the owner and I must say they have done a great job decorating and displaying things throughout the home. If you want to be living your best life in East Texas and you can afford this gorgeous home then you will love looking at the photos below. 

This home is not cheap with the list price at 2,695,000 but you will see why the price tag makes sense as you look through at the home and notice every detail looks immaculate. The address for this property is 3805 Grand Oaks Circle Tyler, TX 75703. It’s located near FRESH by Brookshires, not far from Old Jacksonville Highway. While being located in a perfect spot, this property gives you plenty of room to invite friends and family over to have some fun.  

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Details on the Beautiful Home in Tyler, Texas 

The house has 6 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, and one-half bathroom. The home is 8,317 square feet sitting on 1.166 acres of land. The home is large but there is still plenty of room for toys too, as the garage can handle up to 6 cars parked inside.  

There is Even a Guest House 

If you love to entertain guests, you’ll love offering to have them stay in the guest house. You will also have a gourmet chef’s kitchen to enjoy, resort style backyard with a pool, fireplace, and covered patio area.  

Have fun looking through all these amazing photos and dreaming about owning this property! 

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