This is a major buzz kill!

For all Marvel fans like myself everybody will be in the movie theater next weekend to see the shocking conclusion of what happened after Avengers Infinity War.

While everyone is in suspense to see how "Earth's Mightiest Heros" come together to undo the damage of Thanos snap some jerk did the unthinkable and posted a major clip of Avengers Endgame online before the premier.

According to Forbes, the five minute clip has a lot of spoilers with several plot points.

I will not post the clip of the spoiler and I haven't seen it because I refuse to ruin my 3 hour experience off of a measly 5 minutes.

Disney hasn't commented on the event, but the person responsible for the leak must have had clearance to view the footage.

Marvel sent out a statement asking not to spoil the movie so fans who don't want to be surprised until then should avoid the gifs, short clips and detail-filled posts on social media.

Avengers Endgame is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and expected to resolve events in the Infinity War, in which half of the heros were destroyed and also could be the last film for multiple Marvel heros.

See you guys at the theater April 26th!





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