With less than a month to go before the midterm elections take place over 2,000 Texans might not be able to cast their ballot because their applications were rejected by the state.

Per News 4 San Antonio, the following counties Travis, Bexar, Dallas and Cameron were affected per the Secretary of State’s Office and have been notified about the matter.

The Election Administrator of Cameron County Sam Taylor spoke on the issue,

The Cameron County election administrator called us on Monday saying they had received a couple of these applications that looked like they were digital pictures of signatures rather than signatures.

Some of the applications were through Vote.org which is a non-partisan organization which helped individuals register and keep them informed on voter laws said they deployed an online tool that registered 2,400 Texans.

The deadline to register for the midterm elections is Tuesday, October 9th, but the individuals who have to resubmit their applications have 10 days to do so.

Texas is one of the 12 states that don’t allow online voter registration.

If you are unsure about your voter status you can get registered at Vote Texas or click here.

For more information on Texas voting laws click here.