Hip Hop Icon Nas and Viacom have agreed to a major deal with the rapper from Queensbridge Venture Partners to acquire their Pluto TV streaming service for a whopping $340 million.

According to Vibe, the service was founded six years ago and has acquired over 130 partnerships with TV networks, media networks, and major film studios allowing Pluto to be able to host more than 100 stream able TV channels in all genres of entertainment.

The streaming service will access over 100 channels and on-demand content including movies, news, sports, news, lifestyle, comedy, gaming, and digital series that’s trending.

Currently, Pluto TV has more than 12 million active users, 7.5 million which are connected to TV’s and their audience streams billions of minutes of content each month per Business Wire.

Pluto TV is also compatible with almost every device with streaming capabilities, including Android and iOS devices, for a standard monthly rate.

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