Not all hero's wear capes!

I love pizza and of course I'm not the only one so when I heard about a pizza employee saving a hot pizza from hitting the ground I knew it would be a story worth telling.

According to Fox News, Christian Alfaro an employee at Toppers Pizza Place in Camarilla California is being called a hero for displaying quick hands for saving a hot pizza from the oven hitting the floor.

Christian accidentally bumped into his co-worker's arm when caused him to stumble and lose control, but at the blink of an he caught the pizza and slid it on the counter next to him.

The save was quite impressive since the pizza just came out of a 500 degree oven and his bosses put the video on their Facebook page and has received over 4 million views since Monday (June 3rd).

Shout out to Christian for quick thinking!

You're the real "MVP"



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