Family Time, the record breaking comedy series on Bounce TV is back for a fifth season starring Omar Gooding, Lisa Conwell is about high school sweethearts living a new life in the suburbs with their children.  They make their own rules for love, marriage and family.

Paula plays Lori Calloway Wilson the sister of Angell Conwell’s character Lisa and tonight’s episode is about being single and ready to mingle.  Cheryl sets out to find a new boyfriend at Tony and Lisa’s high school reunion and that’s when the fireworks take off.  Paula also told me that she is planning on being on the TV show NCIS LA with L.L. Cool J and Nia Long along with other projects in the near future.

Bounce Network | Shawn Knight

You can catch Family Time tonight on the Bounce Network at 8pm CT.  Also use the #FamilyTime on social media