Today is the day!

After being the most talked about thing of the summer Popeyes is bringing back their famous chicken sandwich....FOR GOOD!

According to CNN Business, today is National Sandwich Day and after months of leaving their dedicated customers upset because they were no longer on the menu they have hired more staff to prepare for today.

Also, this puts other restaurants on notice and they are not pulling any punches against their rival Chick-Fil-A because well today is Sunday and unlike Popeyes they are closed!

Calling all sandwich lovers.  Some prefer it grilled, others fancy the original. No matter which Chick-fil-A sandwich you love, order yours on November 3 for National Sandwich Day.

To make matters worse Chick-Fil-A sent out an email to their subscribers promoting National Sandwich Day, but of course they are closed on Sunday's and even though they corrected the mishap Popeyes wasted no time to come in with a jab.

Nevertheless, it seems the world is right again because today and everyday we can now enjoy the chicken sandwich from Popeyes on a regular basis.

Shawn Knight | TSM
Shawn Knight | TSM

I will be getting mine!  What about you?

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