I've been up to Minneapolis a couple of times over the last few years and I've always wanted to visit Paisley Park, the home and headquarters of the late great Prince's empire, but never had the time to see it for myself plus there's a "cost" to go inside.

Prince fans will get a chance to see inside the icon's home next month for FREE according to Variety as it was announced that on April 21st, commemorating the 5th anniversary of Prince's passing, fans will be allowed to enter the atrium to pay tribute to him.

Now you can't just pull up and expect to get in though, you have to make advance reservations to be able to join in. According to the report, reservations must be made in advance at PaisleyPark.com. Limited reservations are available and they do not include tickets for a tour..

Guests will be allowed to leave flowers and other mementos and if you can't make it out, an online memorial will be held at PaisleyPark.com.

Are you willing to make the trip up to Minnesota and pay your respects to Prince?

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