Even though its sad to see one business shut down, the flip side is the excitement of wondering and guessing what's going to be the next new business to come into town. Folks in Hallsville are trying to figure out what could be coming to their town after one business has exited but another one could be coming in its place.

Leave it up to Facebook Investigators to get the bottom of it as folks in the Facebook group "Together Hallsville" are trying to figure out what's coming to town. A question posed by Kasey Little has gained a lot of attention: "Anyone knows what the old Fred's is going to be?".

Lots of folks are chiming in with their thoughts and some have gone as far as to ask the Mayor of Hallsville what the unoccupied building will become. But the old Fred's is located just outside the city limits of Hallsville so even city leaders can't provide much help.

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So now it turns into a "wish list" in the comments as some folks are putting together a list of businesses they HOPE will come to take over that location. Businesses like Chick-Fil-A, Trader Joe's, and Bucee's have been thrown around, while some folks have suggested auto parts stores, medical offices and even "dollar stores" like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree - even though Hallsville has TWO dollar stores within walking distance of each other.

But one thing we know for sure is that HEB won't be coming to town, sorry yall. Brookshire's reigns supreme around here. I'm sure some folks would love HEB to start invading more of East Texas, but the chances of that happening are slim. But what do YOU want to see there? Clap back with your thoughts.

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