I love Ring Video Doorbells!

My sister has one and every time someone or something comes by the door it will send an alarm to indicate someone is at the door.

Well a Texas woman is learning how important having a video doorbell because she caught a Peeping Tom outside her home Tuesday morning (April 30th) attempting to look into her bedroom window.

According to Everything Lubbock, Ashley Fowley didn't pay it no mind because when her Ring doorbell detected movement it was usually cars driving past on the busy street, but when she opened the app to look at the video feed, she got the scare of her life when she noticed the Peeping Tom looking through her bedroom curtains.

She immediately called 9-1-1 and ran to her roommate's closet until authorities arrived.

He was ten feet away from me from where the window was to where I was sitting in my living room.  My heart literally dropped to my stomach.

The Peeping Tom didn't stay long and wasn't apprehended.

Just goes to show that Ring video doorbells are a great investment.

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