Every year we gather around our TV's and talk for months on end about who will get drafted into the pros to make big time money to play sports. Millions watch "Drafts" in pro sports because of the excitement of wondering what pro athlete will be picked and where they will go, but what if we took that same concept and applied to every day jobs like...teaching?

You may have seen this "Key & Peele" sketch from a few years ago where they imagined a word where teachers were treated like "pro athletes".


So when I first saw this post on the Longview ISD Facebook page, I immediately thought of that sketch and also thought: "This is so cool!"

A real live "Draft" for new teachers determining where a "rookie" LISD teacher will be starting their career. The LISD Human Resources Department hosted the event on Friday morning and streamed it live on Facebook and YouTube with staff and students from all across the district cheering on and representing their school in attendance.

What was fun about this is they had all the sounds and feels of a real draft with each school being "on the clock" and and announcer making the school's pick. You can check out the entire draft from its live stream on YouTube below:

Congrats to the LISD Teacher Draft Class of 2021 and I think EVERY school district should do this!

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