Today (December 28th), we are in the third day of Kwanzaa.

From the official Kwanzaa website this holiday was created by Dr. Maulana Karanga, who is a professor of African Studies which last for seven days that focuses on the family, community, and culture around the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principals)

  • Umoja – Unity
  • Kujichagulia – Self Determination
  • Ujima – Collective Work and Responsibility
  • Ujamaa – Cooperative Economics
  • Nia – Purpose
  • Kuumba – Creativity
  • Imani – Faith
UJIMA meaning

We light the green candle for Ujima, for "collective work and responsibility."  This is very important for us as a people to be collectively responsible for our successes as well as our failures.

There is an old saying,

Yes, to whom is much given much is expected.

We have to continue to build and establish our communities together and take on the problems of our brothers and sisters to help solve them together.

Join the Tyler Public Library for their annual Kwanzaa celebration starting at 6 p.m.

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