Imagine having a valid driver's license for over 60 years and when it's time to renew it you are denied because of a new Texas rule.

That's what happened to 90-year-old Maurice Jefferson as he made several attempts to renew his license, but he can't because he doesn't have a birth certificate.

According to KLTV, the Air Force veteran passed the required vision test and medical exam. The only thing blocking him is having a passport or birth certificate.

He has a valid reason for not having a birth certificate because he isn't aware of who his birth parents are and he was raised by other people.

I don't know who my father and mother was. I was born by midwife I'm told and just raised by other people.

A simple process that use to consist of going in, paying the fee, and walking out with your license. But now for nearly two months with a folder containing his recently expired license, military records, discharged papers and his VA card it's still not enough to get his license renewed.

Texas Department of Public Safety explained the new rule went into effect last month and since then Jefferson has been traveling everywhere including Austin to straighten this out.

I won't be able to vote. I can't do anything really.

Maurice isn't alone as others expressed their frustration on social media about the new rule.

Let's hope this issue can be rectified soon for Mr. Jefferson and other Texans experiencing this matter.

Is anybody else having a problem renewing their driver's license because of this rule?

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