We all know it’s often so easy to focus on the negative things or situations in life. But there really are a lot of positive things going on around us too. I was reminded of this as a young mother in Longview, Texas recently shared a story online of unexpected kindness as she was at Cracker Barrel.  

Tayler was out like so many families on the weekend, going to grab some breakfast at Cracker Barrel. She had her 3-month-old son who did what young kids do, started screaming and crying, trying to fight going to sleep. As young parents they were embarrassed, but it’s a situation that every parent faces at some point.  

The Longview Mom Could Feel Other People Looking in Her Direction 

When your child is having a horrible meltdown, it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It feels like your child is ruining everyone's meal in the restaurant, although most people understand that this is all part of life and you didn’t choose for your child to have a meltdown in the middle of breakfast.  

It Took About 10 Minutes Outside for the Crying to Stop 

The young Longview mother did her best to calm down her son and after 10 minutes outside in their car he fell asleep. She then came back inside and was able to finish her meal. After breakfast was over their waitress informed the young parents, their meal had been paid for. The kind act almost brought the young mom to tears, but she posted on social media about how much she appreciated what the stranger did for her.  

It’s wonderful to hear about kind stories like this from here in East Texas.  

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