Yella Beezy has been arrested for the third time this year in his home state of Texas.

According to a report from TMZ on Friday (Nov. 5), the Dallas-bred rapper, born Markies Conway, was taken into custody today on charges of felony sexual assault, felony abandoned endangered child and misdemeanor unlawful carrying a weapon. The arrest occurred in McKinney, Tex., which is in Collin County within the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.

XXL has obtained arrest documents confirming Yella Beezy's charges. He was released on $57,500 bond.

A rep for the Collin County Sheriff's Office confirmed to XXL this afternoon that Beezy is in custody at that particular facility. However, the aforementioned charges could not be confirmed, so the details surrounding the three offenses are unclear.

yella beezy arrest details
Collin County

The news arrives on the same day the rhymer's partnership with Asylum Records and new song "I Guess" was announced.

This isn't Yella Beezy's first run-in with the law within the last year. In August, Beezy was arrested in the Lone Star State and charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon. He reportedly had over 400 pounds of the controlled substance and five firearms: four handguns and a rifle.

Days later, after he was released, Yella Beezy said the arrest stems from mistaken identification as police supposedly mistook his hand sanitizer, which was presented in a cough medicine bottle, as a controlled substance such as codeine and promethazine hydrochloride cough syrup, also referred to as lean.

While on Instagram Live, Beezy revealed that the sanitizer was in a bottle listed as "promethazine with hand sanitizer," but he claimed police thought his excuse was a cover-up and arrested him anyway.

Yella Beezy added that the woman who created the product even tried to bring it to the jail where he was in custody as proof, but the police wouldn't budge.

Months earlier, in February, the "I Guess" artist was arrested in his hometown and charged with gun possession. He was stopped by the Dallas Police Department on the evening of Feb. 13 for running a stop sign and entering the highway from a private roadway or driveway.

Once pulled over, law enforcement claimed to have smelled marijuana and searched the vehicle. While police did not find drugs, they did discover a firearm.

Yella Beezy was booked for unlawful carrying of a weapon and the traffic infractions. He had a bond set at $1,000.

XXL has reached out to the Collin County Sheriff's Office and a rep for Yella Beezy for a comment.

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