Being a black man is beautiful!  It's dangerous, but overall it's pretty wonderful.

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I am tired of walking out of my residence and wonder if I will make it home or this will be the day I meet my demise by some attack based on my skin color.

On yesterday (May 6th) I received a video on social media on the deadly shooting of Ahmaud Arbery by the hands of a white man in Georgia.

The video showed 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery taking a jog minding his own business when he was chased, approached, and killed by a white man named Travis McMichael.

CNN reports Gregory McMichael and his son Travis said Arbery resembled a person of interest in a recent series of break-ins in the community through police report.

When they approached Arbrey a struggle ensued over Travis shotgun and two shots were fired before he fell dead on the street.

Mind you this incident happened in February of this year and Travis has not yet been arrested as Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tom Durden requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation look into his case.

The video left me numb and I want EVERYBODY to see this to understand the pain and anger I am feeling at this point.

Arbery's family says that the use of deadly force was unnecessary.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has also expressed his concern as he tweeted Ahmad deserved justice.  Biden has also unveiled the
‘Lift Every Voice’ Plan for African American’s where he plans to address issues like gun violence and criminal reform.

LeBron James also expressed his concern tweeting “We’re literally being hunted everyday/everytime we step outside the house” and he is absolutely right.

I have a message to my black brothers, you are loved valued and respected.

We must come together and unite so we can stop incidents like this from happening again.

Put the guns down in our community because we have a bigger battle to fight and it is now time to pick a side!

This is a electoral year so get registered to vote and use your voice at the ballot box so we can elect individuals who are for us and will help us advance.

I will not be silent on this!

I will continue to talk about this until justice has been served and not only for Ahmaud, but for others who suffered the same fate as him.

Until then let us march on til victory is won!


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