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Credit: TV One
Credit: TV One

When you think of smooth R&B male singers one name that comes to mind is Philadelphia’s own Billy Paul and this Sunday (March 29th) he will be featured on the latest episode of TV One’s UnSung.

Even though Billy Paul passed away in 2016 his wife Blanche who I adopted as “Auntie Blanche” took time out of her schedule to talk to me about her late husband and his career.

Throughout the interview we talked about the highs and lows of fame, the challenging demands of the record labels, personal struggles and healing.

Also, we touched on a subject that hits close to home as his record “Let’s make a baby” was banned in Chicago by Rev. Jesse Jackson.

However, one of the most pivotal moments of our conversation was their 50-year marriage, the good times that they had together and how he would perform all the way to his untimely death of pancreatic cancer at the age of 81.

As a young kid growing up in a household of music my father introduced me to the classic “Me and Mrs. Jones” as he told me how he purchased that record at the age of 22 and memories of that record.

Music is definitely the soundtrack of your life and I am beyond blessed to have talked to “Auntie Blanche” to hear Billy Paul’s story and hopefully she would release her memoir of their life together in the near future.

Make sure you check out tonight’s episode of UnSung tonight at 9 p.m. on TV One.

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