I am a sucker for a woman that smells good!

So when I heard that Erykah Badu was coming out with a perfume I immediately got interested until I found out the contents of her perfume.

According to 10 Magazine, Badu announced the scent of her perfume will be called "Badu's Vajayjay" a tribute to what she calls her 'superpower.'

Badu spoke of her new scent,

There’s an urban legend that my vajayjay changes men. The men that I fall in love with, and fall in love with me, change jobs and lives.

Her perfume is created by taking lots of her panties, cutting them up into tiny pieces and burned them and even the ashes are part of the formula.

Badu also stated she stopped wearing underwear a while back and didn't mind burning them.  She said "The people deserve it!" lol

You can purchase Badu's Vajayjay online via Badu World Market, which will be open for business Thursday (February 20th).



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