Rapper Game is accused of delivering the fade to a man during a pick-up basketball game in Los Angeles over the weekend. Now a video has popped up showing how it all went down.

The clip, which appeared on TMZ, shows the alleged victim and the Compton rhymer bumping each other during the b-ball game, making the incident look harmless enough.

But sources close to Game said the victim had been elbowing the rapper throughout the game. Then the guy allegedly threatened the “How We Do” rhymer by warning him not to make him go into his gym bag because “I got that thing.”

After that, Game sucker-punches the victim with his Mike Tyson-tattooed right fist. The Documentary 2 creator claims his actions were in self-defense. The victim, meanwhile, alleges that Game threatened to kill him.

Police are still investigating the incident and the victim has yet to be identified.

Meanwhile, Game doesn’t seemed worried that he might get hit with criminal charges. He went on Instagram to show that he’s still flossing and is going about his daily life.

"Take your ass to jail, tired of U bullying people and think you can get away with it get the f--- OUTTA here," wrote one commenter who is upset behind Game's alleged actions. Another follower wrote, "Cut that n---- a check and he will settle, you already know. [You're] basically paying for all this press you getting."

Watch Game throw a punch above.

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