What is really going on with celebrities and not paying Uncle Sam? The latest A-lister to get popped, R&B musical icon, R. Kelly. Kells is said to owe more than $4 million buck in back taxes to the IRS and is facing big legal trouble!According to reports, files filed the IRS have the financial breakdowns of what's owed for the following years:

2005 - $1,472,366.77
2006 - $710,520.51
2007 - $376,180.11
2008 - $1,122,694.90
2009 - $173,815.18
2010 - $992,495.24

Grand total of $4,848,072.71!

A spokesperson for R. Kelly said:

“R. Kelly is in the process of working everything out with the government and is confident that all his obligations will be satisfied.”