Warning: The way that Urban Dictionary describes a few of the towns in East Texas can be funny but is always BRUTAL! A lot of the definitions are not even safe to read at work, so we will just show you the PG-13 stuff.


    "Place of extreme weather."

    "A state that hates Oklahoma and that Oklahoma hates."

    "The Lonestar State, The State that still believes that criminals should be punished, Home of the Whataburger, home of Southern Hospitality, H-Town, And everythang that's bigger and better."


    "A place crawling with soccer moms that look like Sarah Palin..."

    "Located in a dry county, this is a great place for families and retirees but one of the worst cities in America for young single men."

    "The armpit of East Texas."

    "The city is so small you can go to any area of the town and see someone you know."

    "A typical Tyleridian male will look 5'10, confident, blonde, carrying a bible and a gun, and will try and talk to you about how cool he is and then later ask you to go to Bernard's and then Andys."


    "Beware the bad side of town; if you see the abandoned K-Mart you are over there."

    "We also have problems with petty thugs street racing down Loop 281 in the middle of the night."

    "Less old people and more on the young side."


    "The definition of backwoods small Texas town where the only intertament (sic) is to drink and get pregnant."

    "The only credible thing to come from this town is its band."


    "When you take two pieces of bologna and heat them in the microwave for 13 seconds each. You then insert the heated bologna in a cardboard toilet paper roll to..."

    (We'll just stop it there, the rest of the definition gets pretty graphic. We told you, Urban Dictionary can get brutal.)