Warm fuzzies alert! Usher is the proud owner of the cutest puppy we have ever seen. The R&B singer bid $12,000 for a goldendoodle puppy during a charity auction on Thursday (Oct. 25), which raises funds to build schools in Guatemala, Laos, Nicaragua and Ghana.

The 'Scream' crooner tried to win a puppy at last year's benefit event, but lost to a family who outbid him and eventually named the pooch after Usher, much to his chagrin. At this year's event, Usher was not going to be denied.

The Grammy-winning singer was determined to bring a puppy home, according to PeoplePets.com. Usher offered an initial bid of $10,000 but was bested by a fellow attendee who placed an $11,000 bid. Not to be outbid two years in a row, Usher up the ante and threw down a $12,000 bid to win the copper-colored pup.

Judging by the photo, Usher looked ecstatic to have won the auction while the puppy looked thrilled to be in the arms of the hottest entertainer in music. This dog is ready for his kibbles and bits.

Now you might be asking yourself this question: what the heck is so special about a goldendoodle puppy?

Well, first off, look at it! Isn't he (or she?) so cuuuute? It's looks like a small furry teddy bear. We also checked out goldendoodles.com and discovered some interesting facts about this dog.

First, it's a cross-breed between a golden retriever and a poodle, which explains its golden coat and small stature. Second, they are very obedient and social dogs, and are perfect for families with children. Since Usher has two boys at home, a goldendoodle would be a welcome addition into the Raymond household.

So we are happy that Usher was able to bring home a fantastic breed of dog and donate some major dollars to a worthy charity. We are quite sure his children will "scream" with joy when they see their new puppy.

Watch the Usher 'Scream' Video