For about 6 months now, the King of Some Media, Melz on the M.I.C. has been trying to convince me to start an Only Fans page. With much push back I have not done that but I have teased that I was up for consideration. With the recent changes that the platform is looking to make I have decided that I will move forward with this venture and create an Only Fans page titled Shani In The Catsuit. However, my definition of what a catsuit is and Melz on the M.I.C.'s definition are somewhat different and that has brought us to this great debate, "is this a catsuit?" We will let you all be the judges.

According to Oxford Language, a catsuit is a woman's jumpsuit, typically close-fitting and covering the body from the neck to the feet. That is a simple and strait forward definition right? So, I have outfits that are close in fit and cover my body from my neck to my feet. There is one in particular that is the reason for this debate. I call it the "athletic catsuit because it is grey in color, athletic grey to be exact and it is made of a cotton and spandex material. Melz on the M.I.C. however seems to believe that this catsuit, is not a catsuit.

attachment-IMG_1012 2

With all of that being said, we have decided to bring the debate to you the people and we need your help settling this one of many great debates between the Queen of Some Media and the King of Some Media. So the photo is up, are you "team Queen" it is a catsuit or "team King" this is not a catsuit. We want to hear from you.


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