Say it isn’t so!  I have been going to McDonald’s for years and around St. Patrick’s Day I always look forward to having their Shamrock Shake.  The green chocolate minty drink I have enjoyed for years, but this year us Texans will not have the luck of the Irish because the drink will not be sold in Texas.

Guild Live reports the Lone Star state is being left out of the Shamrock Shake and there are some Texans like myself that isn’t taking it too well.  McDonald’s even has an app for the iOS and Android to find one near you.

McDonald’s rep Chris Stanley says:

It's just not a product that we have a high demand for in Texas.  Unlike some other limited time, products from McDonald's, such as the McRib, Texans supposedly just don't show up for the Shamrock Shake.

Social media has let McDonald's know their disappointment of the Shamrock Shake not being sold this year in Texas:

Now if you really need to have the Shamrock Shake you can go to our neighboring states like Arkansas or Oklahoma.  However, you can make your own shake until McDonald's do right by us and bring back the Shamrock Shake.