R. Kelly is in solitary confinement after the singer is in fear of his life over retaliation from other inmates over the accusations that got him there.

According to TMZ, Kelly's attorney Nicole Black Becker said the singer would prefer to be in solitary confinement over general population.

As you know a judge ruled Tuesday (July 16th) that bail would be denied and was called a "danger to the community, especially to minor girls."

Solitary confinement seems like a better option, but because of Kelly's non ability to read or write it would make things difficult for him especially getting things off the commissary list.

Recently former staffers of R. Kelly released 20 videos of the singer engaged in sexual acts with minors.

As far as having access to a phone because of solitary confinement he has a total of 15 minutes a month to speak to family and friends.

Kelly's next court date is September 4th.

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