BET is putting together a documentary that will focus on women getting butt injections and the effects of the enhancements.

According to The Grio, the documentary is titled, Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For, and it will investigate the increasingly popular and sometimes fatal trend that is globally impacting the lives of many women of color.

In the documentary, it talks about how one woman said that her butt "actually busted open" enough for someone to fit their fist into her butt cheek.  Another said her daughter ended up brain dead after the procedure and a third one admitted she ended up losing her legs and almost her life from silicone butt injections.

R&B singer K. Michelle, who has been very vocal about her butt injections and getting them removed, is also featured in the documentary.  She talks about the side effects she noticed years after having silicone injections.

It was headaches all the time. It was, can’t even walk.

La La Anthony will executive produce the documentary and you can check out Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For on Wednesday, August 8th at 9 p.m. CT on BET.



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