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Cuffing Season Is Coming Here Are Some Possible Texas Cuffers
Well, cuffing season will officially begin next week and some of the single human beings in Texas are looking for snuggle buddies, sneaky links, sugar daddies, sugar babies and some are looking for something real. Good luck with that last one. I, myself am accepting applications and I thought I woul…
Shani Scott’s Kids Call Her Out On TikTok
TikTok has so many challenges and pranks on the platform and I watch it everyday to see what will make me laugh or leave me in amazement. As much as I watch the platform, I never thought in a million years that anyone would be able to pull a fast one on me however, this weekend my baby girl proved m…
Going To The State Fair of Texas? Bring A Mask
The State Fair of Texas attracts a lot of people every year. Last year we did not get to experience the State Fair of Texas due to COVID-19. This year the fair will open this Friday and everyone is welcomed vaccinated or non-vaccinated however they are asking all fair goers to wear a mask.
Tyler Honors Korean War Veterans On The Square
This past Friday was POW/MIA Day. This is a day when the country remembers servicemen and women who were prisoners of war or missing in action. Tyler, Texas took part in honoring the lives of those service members with a program on the Square in Downtown Tyler.

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